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PushBullet released their ‘biggest update yet’ on Wednesday, announcing an updated interface and messaging system. The update covered the full range of platforms, from mobile on iOS and Android to browser extensions and the Windows desktop client, but updates have issues and to their credit, PushBullet has released an update to address user feedback based on those comments.

There’s updates for all the platforms, but as far as the Android app goes, there’s not a huge amount, it’s a simple update to make sharing easier, or, as PushBullet says:

We’ve made pushing to another device take less taps and it’s more flexible than ever before. Here’s the new share screen—with just one tap, you can push to any of your devices. The update is available now in the Play Store.

The new share menu looks like this:

The update is available now in Google Play, so make sure you update your apps now.

Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more
Pushbullet: SMS on PC and more
Developer: Pushbullet
Price: Free+
Source: PushBullet.
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    Peter Massey

    The “Sharing with Friends” option is really annoying. Already had some random people I barely know, but who are in G+ circles added as “friends”. Plus the chat feature – bloated crap.

    I’m hoping there are options to disable all this crap otherwise I’ll just go back to using Keep for sharing between devices.