Stick Tennis Tour
Fans of the Tennis and Stick Sports have a new outlet, with Stick Sports releasing Stick Tennis Tour to Google Play (and the iOS app store).

The new game arrives just in time to ride the Wimbeldon hype and offers a great outlet for the repressed Tennis Pro that’s hiding inside all of us. With that unique Stick Sports visual style, Stick Tennis Tour offers players the chance to tour the world playing tennis at 80 unique venues from Dubai to Tokyo.

Players can customise their in-game character with outfits, or even new equipment which can boost performance at a price, with items that can be purchased using the In-App purchase mechanism, with items ranging in price from $0.99 – $19.99 per item. Once your character is set up you can then train up using the ball machine before heading onto the court.

There’s a good training set which takes you through the control mechanism, though it’s fairly extended if you just want to get on tour. Once you’re through training though you can start earning achievements and Experience Points using Google Play Games achievements if you want to sign-in.

The game interestingly allows you to install it on Android TV consoles (ADT-1 and Nexus Player, I don’t have a Razer Forge or Shield Console), but we haven’t tested out how compatible the playback is yet – stay tuned for an update later.

Stick Tennis Tour is a freemium game, but like all of these games, if you choose not to pay, you can still play – it just takes a little longer. Try it out, it’s available to install from Google Play now.

Stick Tennis Tour
Stick Tennis Tour
Developer: Stick Sports Ltd
Price: Free+
Source: Google Play.