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It’s been some time since we saw an update to the sports teams listed as options to follow in Google Now. The last one of any import to Australians was the inclusion of the NRL back in 2013. The latest sport to be added to Google Now are the Australian Football teams participating in the A-League.

While the A-League season ended last month with Sydney FC going down to Melbourne Victory, the 2016 season could be a lot more interesting at least for Google Now users. You can now search and add A-League teams to your existing sports teams within Google Now, with the complete roster of A-League teams now showing.

To add an A-League team to your Google Now list, simply load up Google Now, hit the menu button, then ‘Customise’ and then ‘Sports’, then enter a team to search for:

  • Melbourne Victory
  • Sydney FC
  • Adelaide United
  • Wellington Phoenix
  • Melbourne City FC
  • Brisbane Roar
  • Perth Glory
  • Central Coast Mariners
  • Western Sydney Wanderers FC
  • Newcastle Jets

The update appears to have been switched on server-side, with no update to the latest version of the Google App required – though if you have issues, try updating it and try again – as I was able to uninstall updates to the app, and still search for teams successfully.

As for the other sports, there’s still nothing to share at this stage. Google is of course interested in adding more sports and teams to the options in Google Now, but at this stage, there’s no official word, but we’ll be sure to update you as soon as possible.

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    Hell yes. #sydneyisskyblue

    Chris Chardon

    HUZZAH! It’s about time. A-League is pretty good with their IT so I wouldn’t be shocked if they and Google came to an agreement. AFL is pretty tightly locked into channel 7 so there’s probably something in their agreement which prevents google from being able to broadcast news and results


    FINALLLLLYYYYY!!!!!! I’m happy now. 🙂


    Is the reason why we don’t have AFL a rights issue?


    Good to see another Australian league listed as options. Now if only AFL teams could be picked too…

    Phillip Molly Malone

    Is there any surprise that Google in Australia is situated in Sydney? #BiasedMuch !!!!!


    I wonder what’s going on there? The AFL is the biggest code in Australia, surely Google would stand to benefit if they have AFL on Google Now. Maybe next year?