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At long last, image sharing service Instagram is upping the resolution support for images uploaded to the service.

Instragram Co-Founder Mike Krieger confirmed the update, which would allow images which have previously been capped at 640×640 resolution would now allow users to update and view images at 1080×1080. The update is not only rolling out to iOS users, but Android users as well. Krieger confirmed the update, which was leaked to the Verge earlier this week in a tweet this morning.

While the ability to upload and view 1080×1080 resolution in and of itself is great news, that’s not the end of it. Krieger also went on to address a long held bug bear of Android users regarding forced compression of photos, which often gave a lower quality image than that uploaded by their iOS using counterparts.

According to The Verge, we should be seeing the enhanced quality in our Instagram feeds now or at the very least quite soon. According to The Verge the update has been in the wild since last week, all that’s been required was an announcement, something that is essentially there this morning. The last step is checking your feeds.

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free+
Source: @MikeKrieger.
Via: TheVerge.
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