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Microsoft has today announced another Android app this time from their ‘Microsoft Garage’ projects group, which is aimed at helping you schedule meetups with your family and friends.

The app aims to take away the frustrations involved in trying to organise a meetup with friends and families, or even just make decisions on topics such as ‘Which shoes to buy’. The app gives suggestions on things such as a place to meet and participants can then vote on the outcome, or as Microsoft describes it:

It’s an ideal tool to make decisions about timing, availability, what to do, nearby venues and spending limits. Information for restaurants is pulled from Bing – opening hours, reviews, addresses, etc. – to help make decisions. To get answers quickly, groups can add a countdown clock, then save the event to their calendars, turning those plans into reality.

Jennifer Shen, the principal program manager lead of the team behind Tossup says

Tossup removes the friction around planning. It’s really about connecting with people, removing barriers that cause plans to fall through. Our aim is for you to spend more time hanging out with friends rather than coordinating schedules.

The app is in limited release at this stage and in a surprise to no-one, has been limited initially to the US and Canada. That won’t stop anyone though and you can get your hands on it fairly easily with minimal effort. Try it out and see what you think.

Source: Microsoft.