OnePlus - Time To Change
Last year when OnePlus released the OnePlus One there was very little unknown to us as they had slowly leaked the specs. This was a cheap way for them to build up anticipation for their first foray into the mobile world. So far they have done the same for their 2015 release, the OnePlus 2. We know that it will house a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor, include 4GB of RAM, will be the first flagship released with a USB-C connector, and will have a fingerprint sensor that is purportedly faster than TouchID. Since then we have seen a lot of speculation regarding the price of a phone that does not settle. Today OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has used their social media channels to announce that the speculation of the OnePlus 2 has been far too high. He has stated that it will be less than $450US.

There is no mention as to whether this is the starting price for the lower end model- assuming there are different storage options- or whether all the phones will be under this price but it is not a price to be sneezed at. Flagships in 2015 are expensive. Even Google’s usual cheap Nexus phone started close to the $900 mark when it was released. To pay less than $450US for a flagship with high end specs that will most likely at least match the best out there is very enticing. While it may not be the sub $400US we saw for the OnePlus One it is not much more.

While we have not seen all the specs for this phone just yet I for one am very interested in purchasing this phone upon it’s release, just like I did for the OnePlus One. Once again though we will need invites to purchase it but how many of these will be available upon launch is unknown. We will have to wait until the July 27 release date to learn all of this but stay tuned to Ausdroid for all the latest OnePlus news as it is released.

Source: OnePlus.
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After having everyone in my circle of invitees have failures of the touch screen directly over the CPU, then having this dragged out until you you are forced to let them remote your pc and install some unsigned drivers to decide the dead spot on your touch screen isn’t a software fault but the result of having a phone that magically out performs other phones with the same or better cpu? co-incidence? Sorry no more One Plus’s for me, worst customer service ever.


Given that LG and Huawei are said to be making Nexus phones, I suspect they’ll be available faster and cheaper than the OnePlus 2. It would pay to wait to find out.


So… It’s probably going to be around $600 AUD (that’s what Google converted $450 USD to)?

I was considering getting a OnePlus phone instead of the next Nexus, but I won’t at this price. OnePlus, you are making a mistake.You had the pricing right with the OnePlus 1… Make the OnePlus 2 under $500!


So its going to have a starting price of $499usd?




$499.99 taking the lead from the gas station pricing.