You’ll soon be able to get AFL cards in Google Now

It’s the news you’ve been waiting for. We’ve certainly heard you. Every single time we’ve written about Google Now cards, there’s been a comment regarding ‘Where is AFL results?’. Well, the AFL has obviously been listening because the word is that you’ll be able to get your cards soon.

There’s no exact date, but the news isn’t as nebulous as a light promise that the work is being done. A spokesperson for the AFL responded to our enquiries stating:

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The AFL’s Digital Rights Partner Telstra has been in close dialogue with Google, regarding the Google Now service for several weeks. It is the AFL’s understanding that an outcome will be reached in the near future.

The onus at the moment appears to be on Telstra, as the AFL’s digital rights partner to actually implement the availability of the data require for Google to generate Google Now cards as we’ve seen done for Rugby, NRL and more recently the A-League. We approached Telstra for comment, but they had nothing to say.

Google themselves as part of their mission to ‘organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible’, is always interested in making more content available through Google Now, but had nothing to announce about AFL cards at this moment.

Previously we’ve seen cards for both the A-League, Rugby and NRL switched on, after the end of their respective seasons and it’s likely that it will be the same for the AFL. The AFL Grand Final is set for October 3rd, so it’s possible that we may not see anything announced until at least this date.

We’ll be checking in with Telstra, as well as Google periodically to see if any further information is available. Stay tuned.

Which other sports or leagues would you like to see incorporated into Google Now?

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