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Popular Android launcher replacement, Action Launcher 3, has been updated to version 3.5 and with it comes a neat new feature, dubbed the Quickbar, which allows for comprehensive customisation of the search box widget which many users have at the top of their home screens.

Previously, users of Action Launcher 3 could style the search box with different colours, and dynamically so, but that was about the limit of the customisation options. With version 3.5, users can take that customisation a step further and add shortcuts, apps and menus to the search box as well.

You can see how the new feature works in the video above from Action Launcher 3 author, Chris Lacy. Users can add all manner of things; quick toggles to lock or unlock the desktop, custom menus with direct dial shortcuts to your favourite contacts, or your favourite audio apps for ready access. You can do just about anything you like with it.

Chris tells us that the feature took quite a while to design and engineer, but the feature looks right at home amongst the other customisation options already in AL3.

The update is available right now on the Play Store, so go grab it!

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Action Launcher: Pixel Edition
Source: +Chris Lacy.
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    Nice update, AL3 just keeps getting better. With stock Android 5.1.1 on a 32Gb Nexus 5 and Action Launcher 3 sitting lightly on top, my N5 has never been better.


    Without being patriotic, would you recommend this over Nova? And why? I want to move away from the HTC Launcher on my M8s and need some recommendations.


    AL3 works for me, but you may prefer Nova or Apex, or one of the dozens of other launchers.

    I haven’t used Nova in a while – so can’t really compare the two. I’d recommend installing the free versions of the top three launchers (AL3, Apex and Nova all get good reviews), then you can try them out for a few weeks and decide which one suits your taste – then you can buy the launcher that you like best with confidence.


    Cool. Thanks for the advice.