First appearing in the US back in February, this latest Google Now card isn’t actually new as such, but it is the first time we’ve seen it in Australia. The Gas station card is now showing up in your stream when you’re heading home or to work.

Thanks for this one goes to former Ausdroid writer Jamie, who saw the card while he was out in the wilds and shared these two screenshots. As you can see, the prompts are for at least Caltex and BP service stations, as well as a local Auto repairer who probably has a petrol pump out front.

It’s a pretty neat function and even with the use of the word ‘Gas’ in the card, it’s sure to be useful around here.

Thanks: +Jamie.
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    Shane Lord

    Actually it should be “fuel stations”, not “petrol” or “gas”. Then we cover everyone that uses fossil fuels to power their vehicle (petroleum, diesel, lpg etc). 

    Daniel Tyson

    Can we settle on ‘Servos’?

    Mick Kerr



    Great. Now localise it to Petrol station..

    Peter O

    You mean Servo? 😉