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When push notifications first came to be a thing, there weren’t many options. Early iOS users will remember the joy of Boxcar, and wishing something like that could come to Android. Well, fast-forward a few years and there’s push notifications coming out our ears, and it’s time to add another notification service to the mix: Hooks.

In short, Hooks describes itself as a mix of Pushbullet’s channels feature (i.e. subscribe to certain updates) and IFTTT’s functionality (allowing you to do things with those notifications).

There’s reportedly over 100 different alerts you can subscribe to, across categories like TV/movies, weather, sports, tech, and others. There are a couple of alerts for each, so for example with weather you can receive alerts when the temperature drops or jumps, and you can set the parameters. Similar alerts can be created for sports teams, and if that’s not enough, you can add your own RSS feeds to get custom notifications.

The configuration isn’t complete, though, as you have to work within certain parameters that Hooks gives you; it’s not as powerful as IFTTT which you can infinitely extend with 3rd party hacks. Still, it’s a neat idea, and one you might wish to try out.

Hooks is available on the Play Store for free, though there are in-app purchases noted on the store listing.

Hooks - Alerts & Notifications
Hooks - Alerts & Notifications
Developer: Hooks
Price: Free

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