Tour de France 2015
If you’ve been watching the Tour de France every night on SBS, while the race winds its way through the French country side, then you might be interested in looking at the official Tour de France game.

Released by Playsoft, Tour de France 2015 – The Game is a way for you to set up and manage your own team, pick your riders from a roster of over 110 riders, design their uniforms and flag, upgrade their bikes, and be the best team manager you can be.

The game has improved and realistic graphics to help with the new team creation mechanic, letting you design all the visual aspects of your team. Your team will compete on individual races, but you can also compete in a new multiplayer ‘Team Valor’ mode, including the option to take part in daily or weekly tournaments against other teams.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 1.33.32 pm

The Tour game covers all the official aspects including all 21 actual stages of the race, and if you can get it right, your team can take the coveted Yellow Jersey, with all the other coloured jerseys (Green, Red Polka Dot, White and Team Classification) also up for grabs, with corresponding achievements and rewards on offer as well.

The game isn’t cheap to play though, it will costs you $4.82 straight up and then there’s In-App Purchases (IAP) available in-game to help you upgrade your equipment and more, costing between $1.19 – $121.39 per item.

For all those armchair cycling enthusiasts out there, the game is available now in Google Play, head over and take a look.

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Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Community.