Google Messenger
Google’s SMS app Messenger has been updated overnight, with a few new features that bridge the functionality gap between Messenger and their other messaging solution: Hangouts.

In the latest update, Messenger now lets you share you location. The option to share location is hidden away in the attach menu (hit the paperclip) and then select the pin. From there your location is updated and you send a message via SMS similar to what’s been seen previously in Hangouts – a small map with a link to Google Maps.

The next update is something that you’ll love or just not care about until your friends, family or SO starts deluging you with them in chats: Stickers. Messenger now has stickers, some static, some animated and there’s three sticker packs to choose from. As a default you get ‘Foodies’ but you can choose to download ‘The Lovable Zoo’ and ‘Best Friends Forever’ if you want some more. To access Stickers, hit the attach button (that paperclip icon again) and select the smiling icon in the middle, to add more sticker packs, scroll to the bottom and then select the ‘+’ button.

Lastly, fast scrolling. If you still have a conversation with someone via SMS, then you’ve probably got a massive field to scroll through when you’re looking back over your conversations. Fast scroll gives you a slider bar to quickly scrub up and down the conversation.

Google Messenger will be rolling out to handsets through Google Play over the next week, of course you can get it early if it means that much to you.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Play.
Via: Android Police.
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    .Great App, but.. Amazing app with awesome interface and responsive. I just made the jump from Hangouts (I’m on a Nexus 5) to this and I love it! One improvement I’d like to see is adding a night mode or a dark mode, making the background black saving battery and eyes from blinding lights! Also, the app is not available via play store. don’t know why everytime i have to update via downloading latest apk from apkmonk