Opal Card

Transport for NSW has released a new app that uses the Near Field Communication (NFC) feature on Android smartphones and tablets, so users can scan their Opal card to check their balance, travel rewards and more. The new app also lets you plan your trip and get an estimate of the Opal fare associated with that plan.

Once users have scanned their Opal card through the app, they will get access to their balance, weekly travel rewards, details of their last tap, the card number (which can be found on the card anyway, but maybe it rubbed off?), status and whether or not auto top up is active.

Finally, if you need to buy an Opal card the app can direct you to a list of retailers.

If you’re an Opal user, head over to Google Play to download the app:

Opal Travel
Opal Travel
Developer: Transport for NSW
Price: Free

Source: Transport NSW Info.
Via: Google Play - Opal Travel.
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hopefully this is small steps until we can use the app and nfc to pay for the fares