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My Facebook news feed is a mess. I rarely go in there, and mainly to administer to the Ausdroid Facebook feed. One of the reasons is the amount of garbage content that is surfaced from past colleagues I friended on Facebook and don’t want to ‘unfriend’. Facebook has announced this morning that they’re trying to give you more control over the content you see and from who.

Facebook is going to start letting you effectively mute ‘friends’ you don’t really want to hear from, while letting you highlight friends whose content interests you.

The update is available to iOS users initially, but it will reach Android and desktops in the coming weeks. Once it hits, you’ll be able to go into your Facebook News Feed preferences and star friends whose content is important to you. You’ll also be able to unfollow friends, and re-follow people you’ve unfollowed in the past.

With this change it may actually make Facebook a more attractive proposition for people, we just hope the Android update won’t take too long.

Source: Facebook.
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Brad Hook

Yeah, and I bet they STILL don’t give back the feature to see ‘most recent’ by default. Even on desktop, the change is no longer permanent.

I don’t want to see old flipping content for flip sake.

Yuun Yii

^ This. Having the Most recent content is more important to me than seeing posts that Facebook chooses for me.


Especially when it’s posts from sports accounts that are like “game is just about to kick off” posted 16 hours ago. Like honestly, how does that benefit me?