Not everyone is signed up for Google Play Music All Access, so getting access to some new music is pretty exciting. Gogole has updated their ‘Winter Hits’ focus on Google Play music, giving away a new album this week, and we thought we’d throw in some free tracks for you to grab while you’re in the mood.

First up, if you head to the Winter Hits sale on Google Play Music, Google is now giving away Talking Is Hard by Walking the Moon, normally valued at $7.99. The album is getting some attention at the moment thanks to the track Shut Up and Dance which reached number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Now, we love free music, so how about some singles? We can;t link directly to the songs from here, but you’ll see the singles listed as free on the albums. So, here you go:

Now, we love checking through freebies, but if you want to do so yourself you can always do a search using these links :
Free music by :

So. That’s it, head on over and grab some great freebies from Google Play Music now.

Source: Google Play Music.
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    Thanks for the heads up!