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Over the last week we’ve seen some new leaks surrounding upcoming Motorola handsets, with a Moto X Sport and a new Moto G getting their specs supposedly leaked. Now a new leak has shown up in the form of renders supplied by a case manufacturer.

The leak is supplied through @onleaks, otherwise known as Steve Hemmerstoffer from NoWHereElse.Fr who has had some decent leaks based on case makers supplying 3D renders and mockups in the past. The current leak shows essentially what we’ve seen in other leaks, with a centred strip on the rear encompassing the camera lens.

As far as specs go, rumours say we’re looking at a 5″ display on the handsset, with a HD (720P) resolution. A Qualcomm processor is said to be under the hood, with some speculation as to whether it will be 615 or 410 floating about. The common consensus is for the phone to remain at 1GB of RAM but a pretty decent camera bump to 13MP (with 5MP FF camera) is expected. As usual, Motorola will deliver the handset with a minimal 8GB of on-board storage but include a microSD card slot.

The launch of any new Motorola handset is met here in Australia with some trepidation with the hype of what we are almost sure is a great handset, but then the knowledge it will take a while to launch here in Australia. We’ve pushed those concerns to Motorola Australia so we’re hoping to see some faster releases here in future.

Rumours are circulating that we may see the phone announced next month, we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: NoWhereElse.Fr.
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Not too impresses with the 720p display for a 5 ” phone in 2015 and 1gig of RAM. Last week I got a Xiaomi Mi 4I with 2gig of RAM, LTE on both SIMs . This has a 1080P display on the 5″ screen and is beautiful. The rest of the phone. Well I would rather go with a 2015 Moto G if it had similar specs What other things do we know about this phone. Dual SIMs , LTE??


I didn’t know you could get dual LTE sims. How much was the Mi 4I, and where did you get it from?


You’re missing what the target market is for this phone, Paul.
The Moto G models have always been targeted at the price conscious mid tier market.
720P on a 5in screen, for that market works well.


In defence of Motorola, which I can’t believe I’m doing after my experience of their idea of customer support. But in fairness, people shouldn’t take a harsh stance against them over the delayed update to Lollipop. They did the right thing not rushing the 5.0 update, it was full of bugs! 5.1 is apparently the improved polished version of Android L. I will think less of them if when the new Moto X is released it still has no SD card support! A removable battery would also be welcomed. Lollipop 5.1 does have some odd quirks I’ve noticed, though nothing… Read more »


I’m boycotting Motorola after the long delay with the Moto G 4G receiving Lollipop. Next time, I’ll just grab a second hand M8 or Z2 off eBay.