If you’ve been feeling that itch this weekend, then you can scratch it right now if you’re near one of the lucky JB Hifi stores who have already received their LG G4 stock.

Some JB stores have already begun receiving limited stock and are selling it right now, ahead of the official July 14th launch date. A check of several Optus and Telstra carrier stores revealed little except a stern reminder they don’t go on-sale till the 14th of July.

The LG G4 is selling at JB for $926 a rather steep premium to pay for guaranteed Australian stock, but it also gets you local warranty if things go awry.

If you’ve read all the reviews, such as Chris’ excellent G4 review from earlier this month and you’re definitely in the market, then contact your local JB Hifi and see if they have received their stock yet.

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Checked it out at JB last night. The black leather backed model was on display. Quite nice. Bumped into it by accident. Was there to buy a tablet.

Daniel Tyson

lol, why am I not surprised.


Congratulations to LG for implementing a demo mode that doesn’t bog down the device too!

Daniel Tyson

Also surprised that (knowing you) you didn’t buy it 😉


It’s too big for me. I could certainly go for a 5in version.

Jamie S

Off topic Geoff but how’s your S6 going, much lag and unresponsiveness?
Curious, what tablet were you buying?


No, it’s behaving itself.

vijay alapati

My S6 edge battery is not upto mark 🙁
any tips?