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Last time we checked in with Dimple, the programmable, physical NFC activated buttons you can add to your phone, they were still at a concept stage. Well, they’re on-sale now and you can grab them for a discount at the moment just as they launch their new Dimple Mini.

The difference between Dimple Standard and Dimple Mini is quite simple. Standard has 4 buttons you can program, the Mini has 2 – we told you it was simple. The up side to the Mini is also a wider selection of colours to choose from, while the Standard gets a minimal 3 colour choice.

Dimple buttons aren’t exactly cheap, you’ll pay US$27.99 for a set of standard, but with the 20% discount applied it works out to US$22.39 or about AU$30.07 delivered. For the smaller Dimple Mini, you’ll pay US$17.99, but again, apply the 20% discount and you’ll pay US$14.39 or about $19.32.

Screenshot 2015-07-11 at 4.44.19 PM

There are some caveats that not all phones are compatible with Dimple, you need NFC for a start, but on their FAQ page they single out the HTC One series specifically due to the metal body which makes it hard for Dimple to work. Still, Dimple have checked over 800 devices and they all work with no issues.

Head over to the Dimple website and add the code ‘Dimple20’ at checkout to get the 20% discount applied to your order.

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    NFC World is currently listing 316 models with NFC capability world wide.

    Mind you, the article says they checked over 800 devices not 800 models or distinct makes of ‘phone.

    Shwetha kodumuru

    Were there 800 devices that have nfc in


    Well! Apple don’t have NFC for anything other than ApplyPay (and US only too). So these 800 devices must be Android as I haven’t heard of any WinPhones having NFC (but I am happy to be corrected). And I think this forum might be the incorrect forum to list all 800+ devices. So I suggest you head on over to the Dimple website and have a look.

    Sachin D

    “Dimple have checked over 800 devices and they all work with no issues”.

    Wow, there are 800 different type/brands of Android devices? OK maybe each type/brand tested for each version of Android…but even then sounds like a lot….


    800 devices might actually mean 800 models from all current manufacturers that have NFC. And for me, that is the eye opener. I didn’t realise so many devices had NFC.