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Looks like the Australian retail launch of the LG G4 is in full swing. We saw the handset for-sale in JB Hifi stores over the weekend and it looks as though retailer Harvey Norman joined them, now letting you purchase the LG G4.

The website is allowing in-store pickup with a number of stores I checked listing the handset as ‘in stock’. If you’re not near a store you can as usual get it delivered for a small $5.95 charge. Harvey Norman is currently selling the LG G4 in Brown Leather for $928, but also have the lower end option of the Metallic Grey plastic back available for purchase for $877.

If you’re still on the fence, you can check out our LG G4 review here and then decide for yourself. These are of course Australian stock and you pay a premium for that, so if you’re after a cheaper option there’s quite a few around.

Source: Harvey Norman.
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Jamie S

I went into Harvey Norman Hobart city store today to have a look at one but there was not one to be seen anywhere along with any sales staff. Their website said they had them in stock at this particular store so I guess they were sitting out the back somewhere. At least JB HiFi had a dummy on display that I could pick up and hold. I don’t go much on the plastic around the edge but it feels nice in the hand.


This phone looks great, but from what I can tell it does not support the LTE 700 (4gx) network. Is that right? If so, I’ll keep my Note 4!

Tony Soprano

The Note 4 came out less then a year ago, why would you even consider upgrading?