OnePlus 2 camera Sample
Earlier today we got a first look at a camera sample from the OnePlus 2 courtesy of YouTube superstar Marques Brownlee AKA MKBHD. He’s just launched a full nearly 7 minute review video on the camera and it shows some promise.

The camera specs are basically what we saw this morning, 13MP sensor at 4:3, though there’s a 16:9 option at 7.9MP in the software. Marques confirms that all the shots he took, which are linked in a Google+ photo gallery, were at f/2.0. The other tidbit from the camera is the inclusion of laser auto-focus.

The breakdown in the video is that the camera is not bad, there’s nothing ‘insane or out of the ordinary’ but takes a nice balanced exposure in most photos. There’s some various shooting modes, the usual HDR, Panorama and Beauty Mode, but there’s also a new mode called Clear Shot, which could do some good in zoomed in pics.

There’s a pretty nice camera comparison between the OnePlus One, iPhone 6+, Galaxy S6, LG G4 and of course the OnePlus 2, so it’s worth a watch.

The camera software could be tweaked between here and the July 27th (July 28th 12pm AEST) launch of the OnePlus 2, but if you’re interested in the camera on the OnePlus 2 check out Marques’ video below.

Source: MKBHD.