OnePlus 2 camera Sample
YouTube tech star Marques Brownlee, better known as MKBHD has often gotten his hands on some of the hottest tech on the planet prior to launch. He’s had a pretty good relation ship with OnePlus so far and after posting a picture of what’s assumed to be the OnePlus 2 in a box on his twitter feed, he’s now shared the first full resolution shot from the camera.

He’s shared the image on Google+ making it easy to grab the EXIF data from the photo and from there we can extrapolate some of the details.

The first few details are easy, the photo is from a ONE A2001 – a model # which showed up at the Bluetooth SIG a couple of weeks back – and is using an f/2.0 aperture lens, something of a disappointment in a world with smartphone cameras using f/1.9 (GS6) and f/1.8 (G4) aperture lens’. Resolution wise, if this is a full res shot the 4160×3120 resolution equates to a 13MP shot and it’s taken using an ISO-100 level with a focal length of 4.48mm.

If you want to take a closer look, here’s the full image, click to view it in full or head to Google+ to check it out in all its glory:
15 - 1

We’ll find out exactly on the 28th of July around midday AEST what else is in store for the OnePlus 2, but we now know about the camera, what processor (Snapdragon 810) is being used, how much RAM (4GB LPDDR4) is inside, the type of port (USB-C) it will use and that it will have a fingerprint scanner. What else would you like to know in the two weeks we have till launch?

Source: +MKBHD.
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vijay alapati

i like how this company is giving the phone to Marques Brownlee before release. this gives a chance to 1+ people to improve things before release…hope this practice extends to all manufactures and Ausdroid become one who tests before release so it that any of Aussi related issues will get notified 🙂


To be fair, just because this photo is shot at f/2, doesn’t mean that’s the widest it goes