Emmy Chromecast
Organisers of the TV-award show, the Emmy’s has announced overnight that they’re teaming up with Google to deliver their Emmy-nominated videos to Television Academy members this year instead of using DVDs.

Previously, members of the Television Academy have relied on DVDs to receive content to be judged for the annual awards show, but we’ve seen what happens with those, with leaked content reaching torrent sites within hours of them going out. The DVD’s are also fairly environmentally unfriendly when it comes down to it, as they’re usually single use and then discarded. So, the academy will be allowing members to Chromecast content.

The theory is that the content will be made available through the Academys mobile apps, as well as through more traditional means throughout the rest of the year, for members to stream content to large screen devices in their homes.

According to a press release, the 19,000 eligible members will receive Chromecasts, although Google has advised that they will be sending out 18,500 Chromecasts; but at US$35 per stick, we’re sure some of the Academy members can afford to purchase one.

Red carpet Awards shows aren’t for everyone, but receiving an award is certainly a nice bonus of working in the public eye. Maybe the Logies could learn something from this, now when are they on?

Source: Emmys.
Via: 9to5Google.