Virgin OzHarvest
Last year, Virgin Mobile announced a new social media based partnership with OzHarvest to help bring food to those who need it. The premise was, and still is extremely simple, share a photo of your meal on social media with the hashtag #MealForAMeal and Virgin Mobile will donate to OzHarvest to feed those who need it.

We all do it. Well, some more than others, but at least 49% of Australians will regularly take a pic of their meal and share it on social media before they tuck in, so why not add a hash tag and help someone out?

In the past year, ‘the #MealForAMeal initiative allowed OzHarvest to deliver a quarter million more meals to Australians in need’ says Ronni Kahn, founder and CEO of OzHarvest. But OzHarvest and Virgin Mobile think we can do better, with Ms Kahn further telling us they want it all including ‘the good the bad and the ugly’ from your 3am kebab on the way home from a night out all the way up to the 8-course degustation meal at that hot new restaurant.

David Scribner, head of Virgin Mobile Australia, concludes:

The phenomenon of snapping and sharing food pics through your mobile is showing no signs of slowing. Our mobiles are a one-stop shop for food photography, allowing people to snap their meals in high quality and immediately share them through social media. The success of #mealforameal is testament to this phenomenon and we’re so proud of how Australia has shown its support so far. We’d encourage more Aussies to get and tagging, whatever they’re eating, because every food pic could mean a meal for someone in need.

To start helping, take a pic if your next meal and share it on social media along with the hashtag #MealForAMeal. If you want more information, including a running tally of the meals provided by the initiative, head over to the website.