The OnePlus One was one of the most talked-about phones for 2014. While the phone itself garnered much attention, the process to obtain one gained it’s fair share of, mostly negative attention, as well. The “invite system” was designed to limit OnePlus’ exposure to a low cash flow but high inventory risk. Fast forward to 2015 and our own Dan Tyson heard from Carl Pei himself that the company will continue with the invite system for the OnePlus 2, though he did say that invites would be easier to come by. Today they have announced via their blog the new and “improved” invite system for the OnePlus 2.

After selling more OnePlus Ones than they expected, with OnePlus estimating around a million handsets were moved last year, the company is more confident about their upcoming phone than they were last year. As such they are planning on manufacturing thirty to fifty times what they did last year which means it will be “significantly easier to get an invite from the very beginning”. Last year, to obtain an invite the fan/customer had to scour the forums, befriend everyone they could and keep a close eye on social media for anyone giving them away. This year there will also be an option to enter your email onto their reservation list and you will be sent one “as soon as they are available”. At this stage early forum members and supporters will be prioritised.

Just like last year, purchasers will also receive invites to share with others, with these invites arriving faster than in 2014.

Sounds like a promising start to the phone release, hopefully with users able to obtain one relatively easily. With under two weeks left until the announcement of the OnePlus 2 there isn’t much left to announce.
Is anyone else interested in the OnePlus 2? Thoughts on the invite system rearing its head yet again?

Source: OnePlus.
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    Usman Yousaf

    I don’t mind invite system considering the amount of $$$ i will be spending as compared to the specs/high end phone i will get.
    it will definitely worth waiting invite system.
    As per my thinking, this is one of the best idea for a small but rapidly growing company.


    While there were clearly down sides to the way the invite system worked, I have some sympathy for a company producing it’s first phone with no idea how popular it will prove to be and a need to manage their cash flow so the company can actually stay in business. Clearly, they are feeling more confident about things this year. By next year, maybe they will have the capital available to do away with the invite system altogether? And actually sell phones directly in Australia…

    Butter Butter

    Completely agree. Would have bought one without the invite system. Now I have a nexus instead.


    Invite system?? Not interested. If they can’t sell it like everyone else why bother??