If you’re a heavy SMS user and use the increasingly popular Pushbullet app the announcement on their blog is likely to put a smile on your dial; full SMS capability including conversation sync (not just the previously available respond to message function) is being pushed out via the Play Store.

I’ve got a sharp eye out for the update to the app because as soon as the app updates, the sync should occur onto the desktop machines that Pushbullet is installed on. Their blog shows the ability to open a single message thread and leave it open if you’re likely to continue messaging someone for a while, or leave the messages all inline – the choice is yours.

Like a lot of users, I have moved away from other options that were SMS only to the feature rich Pushbullet. The app works well, the extensions do as expected and if you contact the team they’re quite responsive. There’s a lot of work going into improving the user experience and functionality in Pushbullet lately so if you’ve been thinking about jumping onboard now may just be the time.

What has your experience with Pushbullet been like?

Source: Pushbullet Blog.
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    Phill Edwards

    Used MightyText then MobiTexter, but now only use PushBullet. It’s a great not just for SMS but also pushing links from one device to another.

    Daniel Narbett

    I’ve been using MightText for this for over a year – and before that DeskSMS. MightText is pretty awesome, and you can respond via web page on desktop. They also have a tablet app which is very handy


    This is working very nicely for me – Pushbulllet is rapidly becoming one of my ‘must have’ apps!


    Hi Phil, do you know if SMSs get stored on Push Bullets’ servers?

    Phil Tann

    Don’t know to be honest…