Game of Thrones Launch Screen

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular TV shows of recent time enjoying massive success and enthusiasm for the show across the globe. Telltale Games have very cleverly ridden the coat tails of the shows success and brought their Game of Thrones adventure game to the Play Store.

The next installment of their episodic game has been announced on their Tumblr, with Telltale advising that Episode 5: A nest of vipers which for Android will hit the streets on July the 23rd.

The adventure begins with Game of Thrones with the first Episode and continues on in new episodes, through in-app purchases for the subsequent installments and if you like the point and click, choose your own adventure style of games; it’s worth every cent of your money.

The Telltale YouTube channel has this delicious teaser for what lay ahead:

In this penultimate episode, the actions of every Forrester are vital to the survival of the house. Rodrik’s alliance with House Glenmore, and his defiance of the Whitehills, has drawn the ire of an even greater threat: Ramsay Snow. Far across the Narrow Sea in Essos, with Meereen now a free city, Asher is close to securing the army he desperately needs to return home, and save his family. In King’s Landing, Mira’s activities at Tommen’s coronation have not escaped the attention of Margaery Tyrell, and Cersei has realized that the handmaiden may prove useful in her political games. Finally, beyond the Wall, Gared’s unlikely allies are reluctant to help in the search for the North Grove… but this far into the frozen wilds, Crows and Free Folk have a common enemy; and winter is coming.

If you’re keen on Game of Thrones, but are yet to check out Telltale’s take on the show head to the Play Store and grab the first episode and let us know if you live or die.

Have you been working your way through the adventures of Game of Thrones? Share your gaming experiences with us.

Source: Telltale Games Tumblr.