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Google has today announced their second quarter earnings report for 2015. The general gist of it though is that business is good. Google revenue grew by 11 percent compared to the year-ago period.

So, what are the big numbers :

  • $17.7 billion revenue for Q2, up 11% on Q2 2014.
  • $3.9 billion Net Income, up from $3.3 billion for Q2 2014.
  • $69.7 billion in cash, up from $65.4 billion cash last quarter
  • Google now has a headcount of 57,148, up from 55,419 last quarter

And the all important stock information, shows that those lucky enough to own Google stock, saw an 8 percent jump, which escalated to 11 percent in after hours trading, closing at $599.91 per share.

Source: Google.
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    All that money, along with all the other resources that Google has, and yet Android still gets dumped with problem ridden junk like Lollipop!?! Shame on you Google!


    Meh! I made more money than that last night … but then I woke up! Wow! Look at the amount of money Google has in the bank. And they will do everything to avoid paying their fair share of taxes in Australia. Go figure!!

    Robert Williames

    They could bail out Greece


    At this rate, they could probably buy Greece.