We’ve seen renders of Motorola’s 2015 revisions to their popular Moto G and Moto X lines for a few weeks now, including a recent “family photo”. Phandroid has today published photos of a couple of new Motorola handsets snapped in the wild.

First up we’ll take a look at the updated Moto G:


The new Moto G sports an attractive texture on the back – which should help its grippability, and yes that’s now officially a word – with the updated rear button layout and not much else on the back. When you’ve got front-facing speakers (or perhaps “a” speaker) that’s probably all you need, really. It looks similar to the 2014 model in the hand and looks like it’ll ship with Android 5.1.1 out of the box.

Those labels are interesting – it seems Motorola’s finally wised up and will be shipping the 2015 Moto G with 4G LTE instead of doing a 3G model first. Also, someone’s probably going to get in trouble because of the identifying numbers shown in these photos. Whoops.

Next up, a look at what’s probably the Droid Mini, based on the texture of that back plate:


It looks like the Galaxy Nexus is back! The chromed edge with textured back plate seems to echo the design of Samsung’s last Nexus device. The divot at the bottom also gives the impression that the back plate could be swappable. Droid devices haven’t made their way to Australia in the last few years, so we don’t expect this one to either.

These phones will likely show up in Motorola’s launch event on July 28. An Australian launch – at least for the Moto G – will hopefully follow at a not-too-much-later date.

Are you interested in what Motorola’s cooking up? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Phandroid.
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I wish they’d do motomaker in Aus. I will be looking at what their new Moto X is like.