Motorola Live Stream Event July 2015
Looks like we might be seeing the new Motorola range a bit sooner than we thought. The rumoured August launch of their 2015 range of phones has seemingly been brought forward, with Motorola today sending out invites to media and on their site the general public to a live stream event on the 28th of July.

The event will actually be held in three cities across the world, London, New York and Sao Paulo Brazil, but in a nice change will be live streamed for those not able to attend.

The event, which starts at 11pm AEST on the 28th of July, is likely to be the launch pad for the 2015 Motorola Moto range with a Moto G and Moto X likely to be unveiled. The invite says ‘Your Relationship status is about to change, and the landing page for the event on the Motorola website reminds us that ‘Yes. We’re in a relationship with our phone.’

Perhaps we’re reading too much into it, but we know our fingers are crossed that Motorola will finally roll out Moto-Maker to Australia, because that’s the sort of personal relationship we’d like to have.

You can sign up for information to be emailed to you from Motorola about their products, and we’re assuming their event on the website. Motorola will let us know all about what’s happening on the 28th of July at 11pm, mark it in your calendars it could be something big.

Source: Motorola.
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    Let’s just hope what ever they do it will be available here at the sametime as everywhere else