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As announced earlier this week, Google’s Map Maker service is due to re-launch next month. As part of the re-launch, Google will be heavily relying on Google’s automated moderation systems as well as ‘Regional Leads’ to check edits made to maps and it looks like Google has begun the process of searching for those Regional Leads.

The invite is being sent to active, or formerly active before the brief hiatus, members of the Map Maker community, who can click on the link to apply for the Regional Lead position.
MapMaker invite

Google Community leaders are highly prized by Google, with team members taking care of a number of support forums for Google Products. The community leaders are for the large part unpaid but work quite well, moderating support forums and answering questions.

As well as the automated checking, and Regional Lead approvals, Googlers will be checking in on edits made in Map Maker but to a lesser extent.

The re-launch of Map Maker is due in the middle of next month, and there’s already a few pressing edits I`m wanting to make in my local area, so if you’ve been active in the Map Maker community, you may be soon seeing the above email in your inbox.

Thanks: Anonymous.