In the latest in the slow-drip launch of the OnePlus 2, OnePlus has today started looking at the accessory side of things, asking for your input on StyleSwap covers for the OnePlus 2.

The original OnePlus One was supposed to offer users a range of swappable rear covers, which due to issues with the manufacturing process, saw OnePlus scrap the plans on a large scale basis. OnePlus still offers a Bamboo StyleSwap cover for a premium, but the planned options for Denim, Leather and other more exotic materials was scraped. When they scrapped the rest of the proposed covers last year, advised the OnePlus 2 would support them, now it’s time to talk about which ones.

OnePlus has a range of options available, with options for Leather, Rosewood, Bamboo, Nylon and more. OnePlus is asking for a vote, but also suggestions on which covers users would like to see.
If you have some ideas for the OnePlus 2, head over to the OnePlus forums and let them know which material you’d like to see made available once the OnePlus 2 is launched.

Source: OnePlus Forums.