SBS - Google Cardboard
Back in March, SBS, the official broadcaster of the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, announced they would be capturing the parade with the intent of making it available as a virtual reality experience using Google’ Cardboard platform. We’re 4 months out from the parade, and it seems SBS has teased at least some 360 video from the event.

There’s two videos up on the SBS website, one showing the parade and another concentrating on the SBS Eurovision float, as well as SBS Staff marching, dancing and grooving along behind. You can watch the video on desktop, using your mouse to spin the video around, or on your mobile device and use the accelerometer to actually move the camera angle.

Join the Mardi Gras parade

Join the SBS Mardi Gras float

It’s a start, but what about Cardboard? Well, SBS advises that ‘The complete virtual reality experience is coming soon using Google Cardboard’, so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

Source: SBS.