Tapatalk is a very popular plugin for forum owners who want to get their users more involved and mobile. The plugin allows the Tapatalk app to interface with your forum natively in a mobile friendly interface. In the latest update to the app, the usability just got a bit more friendly with a number of changes, improvements and additions to the user interface.

After updating, it was immediately clear that the login process had been improved both in speed and reliability which is very welcome given some of the issues previously suffered. Another one of the issues that has plagued the use of Tapatalk was the notifications; users were either getting way too many or not receiving some they really wanted.

Recently they’ve also added the ability to follow individual users on forums, improved the private messaging UI, added the ability to choose a font and size of font throughout the app and brought back “classic” sub forums which pleased a lot of users.

Clearly Tapatalk are making an effort to push deeper into the forum user market with their freemium pricing model, as a paid user; I use the app daily for various forums I participate in and couldn’t do without the app nowadays.

What forums do you frequent on your mobile device? Via web, their app or tapatalk?

Source: Play Store.
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    Dennis Bareis

    I’m using Tapatalk but wish they had an “inbox” like they used to for subscribed items.