Sony Xperia Z3 owners in Sweden are being offered the unique opportunity to evaluate a new Android software concept.

The trial will begin on july 27, and run until September 13, with Sony inviting users to sign up for the trial through an application process. So, what is the concept? Well, Sony describes it as:

‘Sony’s Android concept’ is a new initiative for Sony users that have a passion for innovation and the latest technology. As a Sony user you have the opportunity to trial a new concept Android software build for Xperia Z3. The initiative is all about letting you – our users – evaluate the software, so we can acquire feedback to improve the experience based on what you like and what you don’t.

The software will be provided for the Xperia Z3, but not the Z3 Compact and at the end of the trial users will be able to restore their original software.

We have no doubt that at some stage we’ll see a leak of the software on XDA-Developers, and screenshots and video walkthroughs of the build. If you know anyone in Sweden with an Xperia Z3, point them to the information page and then let us know.

Source: Sony.
Thanks: +Duncan.