Hyundai made a great splash in the US earlier this year, by becoming the first manufacturer to offer Android Auto as standard on their vehicles, offering their 2015 Hyundai Sonata with Android Auto. Hyundai has today announced that the 2015 Tucson ActiveX will launch with a compatible head unit, which will be updated to support Android Auto as well.

The update to Android Auto will be available to users in early 2016, though no dates have been specified on exactly when the update will be made available or how – but presumably a software update from the dealer should be all that’s needed. The Hyundai Tucson ActiveX will support Apple’s CarPlay from September, but the addition of Android Auto next year should make some readers happy.

The in-car entertainment system on the Tucson ActiveX includes a 7” touchscreen audio w/ MP3 capability, 6 speakers and controls on the steering wheel. According to Hyundai, the entertainment system in the Tucson ActiveX will :

You can play music, compose texts, navigate or access your calendar using voice activation to control these and other functions through your phone. You need never take your eyes off the road – just plug in and go.


The Tucson ActiveX will be available in a 2.0 litre GWI 2 wheel drive model with 6-speed manual from $30,490, while the automatic model will start from $32,990 but don’t include dealer delivery and on road costs. The cars launch on the 1st of August, so speak to your local Hyundai dealer now.

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    If it’s an “ActiveX”, shouldn’t it be running a Windows OS? 😉

    vijay alapati

    Wish they could upgrade My Hyundai Veloster 2014 which has a 7″ touch screen 🙁


    I wonder how much they will charge for the software upgrade? And any future system updates.

    If it’s anything like the $422 I was quoted for a one-off update to the maps in the built in GPS in our Honda, I’d probably pass.


    I want one!


    The ActiveX. Uh huh.