Optus 3G HD Voice
People still make calls on these things? Well, if you are one of those people and you’re on the Optus network, your call quality should be much improved, with Optus announcing they’ve enabled High Definition (HD) Voice on their 3G network.

According to Optus, HD Voice will give users an improved call experience, with sharper, clearer quality of calls with less background noise. The difference will be noticeable with Optus-to-Optus mobile calls only, but there’s no special updates or activation required to enable the feature, it will just work.

To use the feature you’ll need a compatible handset, with Optus providing a list of handsets which will support the feature. Optus did note that all new 3G/4G handsets will now support the feature moving forward. Is your handset on the list?
Optus HD Voice list

Optus is the last of the three major Australian carriers to add HD Voice to their 3G network, with Telstra adding the feature in 2012, while Vodafone added it in 2013. HD Voice on 3G is cool and all, but with carriers moving towards LTE voice calls, or VoLTE within the next year, it’s surprising that they’ve enabled it now. Still, if you’re used to making calls and have had issues with call quality, this could be a big bonus.

Source: Optus.
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Why there is no nexus 6?


It’s been enabled for at least a week now. I find it annoying as the mic pics up absolutely everything in the surroundings. It’s like being on a voip call.

Brad Hook

Calls to my girlfriend, Virgin to Optus have had HD Voice for at least 2 months now. Wonder why they’re only just announcing it now? I knew instantly what it was as I had been a Telstra customer and had used HD Voice since 2012, so it was a pleasant surprise to hear it on the Optus network over the past few months.


As I understand it, they have been turning it on state by state, so it wasn’t till all of them had it that they announced it.

Now just to get them to do Optus Telstra with HD Voice…


what concerns me is that we still have issues in not getting reception that is equal to Telstra, Vodafone. I go to Craigieburn Central shopping Centre , North of Melbourne. This centre is about two years old. I cannot get any reception at all. switching my phone to 4G or WCDMA. OR even GSM does not help. I have a Galaxy S5., The Optus store says that they have a booster that boosts signals in their store which annoyed me as this represents that their signal is not strong enough in that location. So customers buy phones thinking that the… Read more »


Anyone know if it applies to MVNOs too?

Making it only work on optus to optus kind of misses the point somewhat – if it’s a standard it shouldn’t matter which network it’s on, the data should get routed appropriately.


I am on Vaya and it’s definitely been enabled for some of my recent voice calls.


Same, optus to optus works and that was using my nexus 6


I’m sure it will work with all devices capable


Here in Kiwi land it’s the same . OnNet only no carrier interconnect.. They say that there’s no money in it..