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ANZ will be releasing their GoMoney Wallet with NFC based payments for Android, but when is the question. After advising in March that they were looking at a July launch of the service here in Australia, we’ve been advised this window has now been pushed back towards the end of the year.

Speaking with an ANZ spokesperson the release is still in technical trials, but they are keen to move forward with mobile payments within the GoMoney app, however this won’t be released until the end of the year.

ANZ in New Zealand announced their GoMoney Wallet with NFC payments would be arriving for customers later this year, though according to their GoMoney app in Google Play and the landing page for GoMoney Wallet in New Zealand, the functionality hasn’t been released there as yet either.

While the delay is frustrating for ANZ customers who’ve been waiting for a HCE based NFC payment solution on Android since Android 4.4 was released, getting mobile payments ‘right’ and secure is paramount when dealing with any financial transactions.

ANZ Australia has advised they will be announcing further updates on GoMoney Wallet with NFC payments as we approach the release date. They are working on it and it should arrive by the end of the year. We’ll let you know of any further updates as they occur.

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    At least they are working on it, however slow it might be. NAB on the other hand have said exactly “SFA” about it. 🙁

    vijay alapati

    Thanks ANZ, you just lost a customer, I will move my wife’s account to CAN or Westpac within a week. I need mobile wallet….is that clear


    ANZ have always been really slow with Smartphone apps.

    It’s really frustrating.
    Too much effort to change IMO.


    Better to have the implementation right from day one. Hopefully they will go one up on CBA and do credit cards via HCE


    I was an ANZ customer for the best part of ten years but their lack of progress with HCE payments and their extremely poor comms about it pushed me out to the CBA.

    Phillip Molly Malone

    Wonder if they put took a step back and are integrating it with Android Pay? If I remember rightly, Android Pay will go into Google Play Services so won’t require folks to be on Android M.
    Just a thought


    Yeah, I totally agree with you and thinking the same. Hopefully CBA is waiting the same. So they can just integrate Android Pay. Can’t wait