The ability to plug in your Android phone or tablet to your ChromeOS device and read the data has been a welcome one, but not being able to write back to the device has been frustrating. The function has been slowly filtering through the various ChromeOS channels recently and today the stable channel of ChromeOS has received the option.

MTP write access is the headline feature of the update to ChromeOS version 44.0.2403.90, but it’s not the only one, with wireless headset support for Bluetooth HFP and HSP profiles also included. The list of features in the update includes:

  • Improved the efficiency of automatic update (Issue: 481230)
  • Wireless headset support (Bluetooth HFP and HSP profiles)
  • Write-access to MTP devices
  • New design for the user sign-in and enterprise enrollment flows
  • OCM Point smartart rendering support

As usual, if you see bugs in the release, report them or file a bug. The update is due to hit ALL ChromeOS devices, but as this is Chrome, you may already be running the latest update.

Source: ChromeReleases.