google maps
Google has today announced a new feature for Maps for Android (as well as on the desktop), called Your Timeline. Your Timeline gives you ‘a useful way to remember and view the places you’ve been on a given day, month or year’, just by selecting the option in your application.

Your Timeline when it rolls out, will be an option in your side-bar menu. Once you select it, you’ll be shown a timeline you can select from. When you select you’ll see events, places you visited and more.

side_menu_timeline.png 2015-07-15 13_47_42.gif

This newest addition adds more reasons for using Google services. Google has paired Your Timeline up with the new Google Photos service, which allows you to see your recent trip as well as all the photos you took at various places.

To use Your Timeline, you do need to store your location history with Google, but there’s full control over the feature, with the option to remove data you don’t want, from a full day of history through to a single event or just get rid of everything, the choice is yours.

For frequently visited places such as where you walk the dog, or your favourite running place – Google will also allow you to name those places and when you’re logged in you can see them.

The decision to go ‘full Google’ for travellers is becoming a good one, with more services integrating to give you a smooth and memorable trip. From Google Inbox travel bundles offering up all the details of your trip in a neat package, to Google Now showing you your boarding pass at the gate before you get on a plane, it’s getting very, very easy to travel.

The update is rolling out slowly, but should reach most users within the next week, keep your eyes peeled.

Source: Google Lat-Long Blog.