It’s not even a week until we get to see Motorola’s new handset lineup on July 28, and the details are coming thick and fast. In today’s news, Swiss retailer Digitec has posted store listings for the updated Moto G 2015, giving us some insight into what we might see in a few days.

According to Digitec’s listing, the new Moto G comes with 2GB of RAM, LTE, 8GB of expandable storage, and a 1.7GHz quad-core processor. This is all fairly middling stuff, but the increase to a 5″ 1080p display is definitely newsworthy, and will be a welcome change from the 720p display from last year. The design looks clean and simple, as you can see above (and in our past posts about the renders) and it’s all adding up to make the Moto G 2015 a must-have mid-range device.

What are your thoughts? Are you keen? Will you be watching the live stream?

Source: Digitec.
Via: Android Central.
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Ry Wakefield

Tell me why a 1080p 5″ screen is “newsworthy” ?

Tony Soprano

Because it’s seen as the standard, and 720p is being dropped, even on low-mid ranged phones. I have no issue with 720p displays, but others obviously do.


It’ll all come down to RRP on whether its a success or not.


Problem is likely to be skimping on 4G bands. MotoGs typically only have 4 max, which is limiting. Oh, and the battery life powering the display etc. might also be troublesome if they don’t increase it with the better screen.


If that’s correct, okay, not bad. Better that the old rumours.


I’m guessing the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 will get the early upper hand in this battle as by the time we get see the Moto G Gen 3 in Australia (2016?) it will already be superseded…


The G’s come out much quicker than the X’s in Australia. Officeworks sells them.


Yeah fair point but we haven’t even seen the Moto G 2nd Gen LTE model in retail yet so only time will tell


BTW, I used to own a Moto G 2nd Gen and it was good but laggy as hell


Yeah but I see this for what it is. It’s a good phone for your mum or dad. I got a first gen for my mum when they came out and she still loves it.

Jamie S

I did the same


Me too. Gave it up after a month.
This has more RAM. That should make it useable.