Motorola will launch a new product, or if rumours are correct new products next week at a streamed event. One of the rumoured products includes the gen 3 Moto X. Pictures of the handset have leaked out and show off what appears to be a front-facing flash.

The pictures have shown up on the Android Peru facebook page, who have thrown a little bit of their own analysis of the photos into the mix.

As you can see, the photos show an array of different features, such as camera flashes on both the front and rear, including a decision to steer away from the ring style camera flash of previous Moto handsets, while the front flash will serve the biggest selfie-addict well in the scheme of things.

The front also shows off a dual-speaker setup similar to that on the previous Moto X, but whether it’s actually a stereo sound is something we’ll have to wait and find out. The Android Peru guys have also speculated that the bottom speaker will act as a fingerprint scanner.

The phone has a pretty large screen from the look of the photos, although the person holding it may have small hands. Still, it’s possible that the phone will see a larger screen that the Gen 2 Moto X which came with a 5.2″ display.

The rear of the phone shows the same textured look that we’ve seen in other leaks, but as it’s a Moto X, it’s probably indicative of one of a number of rear cover options available in Moto Maker.

Motorola’s event will be live streamed next Tuesday night, beginning at 11pm. Whether we see the Moto X announced then is uncertain, but we know something will be.

Source: Android Peru.
Via: DroidLife.
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So no fingerprint reader?

Daniel Tyson

Android Peru theorise it’s in the speaker. I’m not convinced, but hoping I`m wrong.


Oh missed that bit in the article….. Well thats going to be ‘different’. We’ll see how well it works if it is!


I hope Australian’s will be given more than 16gb


And I hope we get more than Black