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With a rumoured mid-August announcement for their newest plus-sized flagships looming, the good ship Samsung has sprung a number of leaks of late, the lastest leak is live pictures of the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+.

The images are fairly blurry, a strange fact considering one of the images shows the reflection of an iPhone taking the pictures of the phones. The phones seem to be running Android 5.1.1, though obviously they’ll carry Samsung’s Touchwiz overlay with the Note 5 of course getting S Pen integration and the S6 edge+ receiving Edge specific software tweaks.

As you can see, the phones look quite similar to the previous leaks we’ve seen of the phones and with just a few weeks till the August 12th (or 13th) launch date, we could see more information about these phones very soon.

Note 5:

Galaxy S6 edge+

Source: MobileFun.
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James Z

is it me or is the that apart from the sensors and camera on the front the front of the note 5 is awfully similar to note 4 yet to c wat the back of the note 5 looks like


Interesting that the Note 5 blank screen shot is taken with an iPhone again like the HTC photos. I smell a rat.