Game of Thrones Launch Screen

Episode 5 of the Telltale games choose your own adventure Game of Thrones game is now available as an in-app purchase for those who are working their way through the series. It’s been a big week for Telltale games; announcing their next episode availability closely followed by a spectacular price on the first episode of the adventure game at just 20 cents.

For anyone unfamiliar with the style of game that Telltale produce, its much like the old choose your own adventure books that were available as a kid (in the 80’s at least, you know… on paper) where your decisions on how to proceed have influence on your path through to a final outcome. But Telltale games have taken it to a new level with their games The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones where your decisions not only dictate your path, but how other characters in the game react to you and your decisions.

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
Developer: Telltale Games
Price: Free+

Without giving away too many spoilers; there’s bloodshed, people die, alliances are made and rulers overthrown. It sounds like an episode of the show I know, the difference is you choose whether you live or die by your decisions.

Share you decisions with us, how its changed your path in the game and whether you regret any you have made

Source: Telltale Games.