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If you’re in the market for some headphones, JB Hifi has dropped the price on their Samsung Level On headphones from $248 to athe extremely attractive price of just $99.

Available in two colour options: Black or White, the Samsung Level On headphones have been around for a while now, but still offer what Samsung say is ‘exceptional sound and classic design’. The headphones don’t offer noise-cancelling, but give an over-ear encapsulation with ultra-soft ear cushions for extended use.

The Level On headphones come with 40mm Dual Diaphragm Speakers with 32ohms Impedance and a folding design which fits into the premium carry case included in the price for added protection when travlling.

The Level On headphones also include in-line controls allowing you to adjust the volume, pause/play, advance to the next track and control phone functionality – though the phone functions will be more accessible if you’re using a Samsung device, especially with the headphones tuned to use S-Voice.

The price is attractive and the headphones look pretty decent, so head over to the JB Hifi website and check it out now.

Source: Level On (Black)Level On (White).
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Got a free pair of these when I pre-ordered S6. They’re super comfy and good looking. They have a subdued natural sound. They don’t get loud and bassy like completing products. They suit relaxed listening rather than a workout scenario I reckon.

Alex Gerontzos

I would love to hear the quality of these headphones but I hate how places like jbhifi have there own in built sound boards and you listen to whats playing on it and the volume controls are terrible. Best place I have been to test headphones is at Doncaster Westfield shop called Volume all there headphones are not hooked up to any board so you can basically plug your device in and have a listen.