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Half Life runs on Android Wear, but why?

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Possibly the most beautiful thing about an open platform such as Android is you’re really only limited in what you can achieve, by the skill and time you have as well as your imagination. A number of developers are out there pushing the boundaries of what we use our phones, tablets and (more recently speaking) watches for. One of those developers; Tech Vlogger, Dave Bennett has dumped some time into the efforts and managed to get the game Half Life from Valve Software running on his LG G Watch.

Being honest it is rather pointless but as Bennett states in the video and much like running YouTube on your Android Wear, it’s more a proof of concept (because they can!) rather than specifically wanting to play Half Life on his watch and as a proof of concept it works. If nothing else comes out of it, perhaps it will trigger developers to look at Android Wear as a potential platform for gaming in the future.

What do you think the potential strengths of gaming on Android Wear are?

Source: Dave Bennett TV.

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Oh the battery life


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