Google Master Chef
If you’ve been following the Google Australia social media feeds on Twitter and Google+ over the last few weeks and months, you’ll have noticed a distinctly culinary twist to some of the posts. It appears that Google has been supporting, if unofficially, the current season of Masterchef. Tonight with the finale running, Google has released a slew of cooking themed Google App ads onto their YouTube channel, showing off how you can use Google to find those answers you need, such as converting measurements quickly and with just a voice command.

There’s a heap of videos to watch so check them all out – but don’t play them while your SO is watching the finale or you may get a black look!

The Google app: Coconuts

The Google app: Metric System

The Google app: Yuzu

The Google app: Superfoods

The Google app: Sticky Date

The Google app: High Tea

The Google app: Pies

The Google app: Ribs

The Google app: Truffles

The Google app: Parfait

Source: Google Australia.