Well it has been at least 3 days since we last saw Galaxy Note 5 leaked images, but for those of you yearning for more here they are.

The images don’t really tell us anything about the device that is ground breaking, with no system screenshots or other hugely exciting news captured in them. There are however a couple of interesting and noteworthy points in these: the AT&T apps suggest that the US based carrier probably already has one and that more detail about the phone, including pricing and confirmed specs probably aren’t far away, the second is that the headphone port is on the bottom edge of the device rather than the top as it is on the Galaxy Note 4.

With the rumoured launch only a couple of weeks away, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open to bring you the latest information on the upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

For those of you who use headphones on your phone regularly, is the port better on the bottom edge of the device or top in your opinion?

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Alan Kerlin

What I’d like to see is the USB port moved off the bottom. Go through so many cables using the phone while plugged in and resting against my stomach or a desk. I’ve even had to replace the USB port mini circuit board on both the Note 3 and the Note 2 before it. And Geoff you should not stick the phone in your pocket upside down. There is more dust and fluff at the bottom of your pocket and it gets in through the speaker grille. From there it blocks the proximity sensor. This prevents the phone screen coming… Read more »


I’m one of those people who doesn’t care whether the port is on the top or bottom. If I had a choice I’d choose the bottom because I put my phone into my pants pocket upside down. One of the cool things about Samsung’s physical home button is that it’s easy to turn the screen on while removing the phone from a pocket.

Newcastle Guardian

Is that unit displayed with a protective case on it?

Dennis Bareis

I’ve never worked out why some people like it at the top, unless you like turning your phone around it will be upside down in your pocket


Is that a Micro USB port on the bottom? I would’ve thought Samsung would be moving to USB C, especially when they pioneered the USB 3 Micro port on the Note 3.


headphone port at bottom is best. but no removable battery is a show stopper.
I’ve had a Note 1, 2 , 3, 4, 8 and 12.2.

I’ll be very sad if the Note 5’s non removable battery means I stop buying Notes… I dont buy Apple for several reasons, the limitations Apple set on their customers is a big one!

Bootloops Anonymous

Bottom for sure.