Vodafone Small Business Centre - Adelaide
Vodafone has today announced that their newest store, a mobile-centric business centre has opened in Adelaide.

After a few shaky years Vodafone is very much still in a rebuilding phase, but with their network very much on the way to being top shelf, they’ve turned their focus to rebuilding their relationships with the Small Business sector in Australia. Last week, Vodafone sponsored the Council of Small Business of Australia’s National Small Business Summit in Sydney which focused on issues holding back Australian small businesses and the opportunities which could help them prosper.

Located at 206 Greenhill Rd, at Eastwood in Adelaide, the small business centre is showcasing the entire range of Vodafones mobile offerings, from smartphones, tablet computers, mobile broadband products and accessories as well as matching clients with the best business plan to suit their needs.

As part of the sponsorship of the National Small Business Summit, Vodafone did begin offering a way for small business’ to save up to 50 per cent off access fees on a range of $70+ Red business Grow plans when connecting 10 or more services in one transaction.

Vodafone’s Executive General Manager Enterprise, Stuart Kelly says that Vodafone is keen to get up close and personal with small businesses, which is where the business centres come in to play. The business centre experience will expand with Mr Kelly saying

We want to be highly visible to small businesses and to let them know that we are ready to serve their needs. We are opening stores in locations that have heavy foot traffic and where we have strong network coverage.

Vodafone intends to initially expand their retail small business centres to four more stores by the end of October, with a further 15 stores set to open by 2017. The first fours stores will open on the Gold Coast as well as three stores in the Sydney area in Crows Nest, Guildford and Parramatta.

Mr Kelly also said that Vodafone will utilise their position as a global leader in M2M solutions and in a first, will begin selling tailored machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to small businesses from its business centres.

The Business Centre is now open for Adelaide small business owners to check out.