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Google introduced their new ‘Deal of the Week’ for Google Play Apps and Games last week, initially offering Smart Launcher Pro and Game of Thrones for just $0.20 each. A new week is upon us so it’s time to update and Google now has two new offers priced at just $0.20.

Angry Birds Star Wars II and WeatherPro are the lucky apps this week. With Angry Birds Star Wars II dropped from $1.48 and WeatherPro dropping from $3.67 to just $0.20.

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Angry Birds Star Wars II needs no introduction, but for those not familiar, the game is a StarWars themed version of what seems to have been the most widely spread game on the planet: Angry Birds. Join the Pork Side in this battle for Good or Evil which will give you hours of enjoyment with no ads for just $0.20.

WeatherPro gives you another option for getting your weather on your phone, tablet and even Android Wear watch. The app includes 3-hour forecasts for the week ahead, Satellite and animated radar views for the US, Australia and a lot of Europe and it can connect to your personal weather station with Netatmo. For the $0.20 fee, you get all your ads removed.

If you love a bargain – and who doesn’t – head over to the Google Play Apps section for WeatherPro or the Google Play Games section to grab Angry Birds Star Wars II now.

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    Hi i downloaded the weatherpro app for 20 cents…. This just removes the ads and there is still a charge to upgrade to the premium service?? I assumed the price drop was for the full function of the app, hence why it was on Ozbargain but seems you still have to pay $6.99 for the premium service… Hmmm

    Dion Parkinson

    is thier a easy way to access the “of the week” items from the app on my phone or is it only in the web interface?