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oneplus-2-5The Oneplus 2 big #HYPE event is due in a few hours, but not before a beta tester from China leaked all these hi-res photos of the device. The photos confirm all the leaks we’ve seen before and some.

The leaker stated:

I am a beta tester from China
I have used the new OnePlus 2 for a few week
Ugly design, but the crafting is good
Thicker body, but feel good in hands
Camera has OIS, but not Sony sensor
Home button with fingerprint sensor, not quite sensitive
Oxygen OS not finalize yet, lots of bugs
Prefer OnePlus One more …


Now, if this chap has had this particular device for the last few weeks, this might be a good thing for the Oneplus 2, as the device he’s used may not have been in it’s final configuration. Because Oneplus makes a relatively low volume of these devices, they almost certainly can change, and probably will have changed, some design aspects very late in the process. I’ll leave you to ponder the Oneplus 2 and see you at the first ever VR Launch.

Does this leak make you want the Oneplus 2 more or does the Beta Tester’s words make you think that the One is a better option? We’ll be watching the #hype #Oneplus2 launch event starting as 12noon local time (AEST).

Source: XDA.

Marné Prinsloo  


Marné is a student on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. He loves the Nexus range, Sony phones and more recently, Cyanogen Mod and the rise of Chinese phone manufacturers. Marné loves graphene and followed the development of batteries and supercapacitors closely.
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If the OnePlus 2 (in any form or capacity) is priced under $500 AUD, and the new Nexus devices aren’t, I might finally be tempted away from the Nexus line…

Ausdroid Reader

I quite like the way it looks. Nicely understated. I’d much rather the head phone socket at the bottom of the device, but that’s hardly a deal breaker.


I disagree with his comments, I think the phone looks nice

Dan Rayner
Ausdroid Reader

This kind of looks like what I would have expected for the Nexus 5 v2. It’s not pretty to me but well built and a great price point.

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